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Piano Polishing & Refinishing.
Specialist Polishers of Used Upright and Grand Pianos.

All enquiries email pianoized@gmail.com
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Welcome to Our Piano Polishing Shop

We specialize in the Polishing & Refinishing of all types of Pianos, Uprights, Grands, Traditionals or Moderns. In fact if you have ever visited a Piano showroom in the north there is a strong likelihood you have already seen our work as we turn over in excess of 100 Pianos a year for the Piano Trade.

Piano Polishing and Refinishing.

Piano Repolishing / Refinishing is a highly specialized field requiring a thorough working knowledge of both the woods (cabinet) and the instrument within, several examples are contained within our website (Piano Polishing Portfolio) and pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce. From Stripping (hand stripped, ALWAYS), modern Spray Polishing in either satin or 90% gloss finishes to full Piano Restorations.

The most popular choice by Piano Dealers and Private customers is a Standard Open Grain finish using a Pre-cat Lacquer, this is available in various colours and sheen levels.

We cover nationwide including: london, essex, harrogate, devon, cheshire, derby, peak district, salford, slough, bradford, leeds, manchester, liverpool, edinburgh, glasgow, bristol, cardiff, lincoln, leicester, newcastle, swansea, wakefield, sheffield, barnsley, brighton, oxford,colchester, york, england, scotland, wales, uk, united kingdom, birmingham, halifax, huddersfield, west, north, east, south, yorkshire, norfolk, derbyshire, lincolnshire, midlands.

Contact Paul for a quote, Email me on: pianoized@gmail.com

Click on one of the links below for more photo's of the various finishes we produce.

Standard Piano Polishing Finishes
Grainfilled Piano Polishing.

Most commonly requested type of Polishing
available in Matt, Satin & Gloss finishes.
Contemporary Piano Finishes
Contemporary Piano high gloss mirror finish polishing.

Modern high gloss Polyester (Mirror)
finishes available in various colours.
Piano Refinishing & Restoration Portfolio
Piano Polishing, Wrapping & Restoration Portfolio.

Photo's of previous Polishing, Refinishing
and Restoration work, Grand & Upright Pianos.

Piano Polishing & Refinishing.

When we repolish a piano we use modern spray finishes, the main ones are Polyester lacquer & Pre-Cat Lacquers, these Lacquers result in an excellent finish and are less time consuming than traditional Piano French polishing.
Pre-cat lacquers are perfect for the majority of Pianos and Furniture please see our Standard Grainfilled Piano Polishing page.
The Polyester lacquers we use are similar to a traditional French polish finish and still about a third cheaper, the time for this can take 2-3 months to complete correctly. These finishes can be seen on our Modern High Gloss Piano Polishing page.

With the Polyester & Pre-cat lacquers we can repolish your Piano virtually any colour, so if your looking for a white, black, blue, grey or pink piano these are a good choice, these modern finishes are also more resistant to water & alcohol and won't scratch as easily as French polished piano surfaces.

As we Specialize in Pianos, Polishing & Restoration, once your piano has been repolished we replace all the Cabinet felts, clean all the brass work located on the piano cabinet including the pedals, then once we have re-assembled your Piano this leaves it looking as good as new.

Standard Piano Finishes prices
Uprights from: £550.00 | Baby Grands from: £750.00 | Grand's 5ft & above from: £850.00
Various colours, Matt, Satin & Gloss sheens available.

Modern High Gloss Polyester (Mirror) Piano Finishes prices
Uprights (Modern) from: £1250.00 | Baby Grand's from: £1850.00 | Grands 5ft & above £POA
Various colours available.

Note: All Names where needed are replaced with Vinyl Transfers and lacquered over.

Contact Paul for a quote Email me on: pianoized@gmail.com

Trade & Public Enquires welcome, all prices are plus VAT.

For Collection and Delivery see our Piano Removals page here: Piano Removals

Below are a few of our portfolio pages click on a image for more photos.

Rogers Repolished Upright Piano in a Grainfilled Satin Finish.

Rogers upright in a fiddleback mahogany cabinet.

Yamaha U1 Piano Refinished in High Gloss Mirror Finish.

Yamaha U1 upright piano in a White high gloss finish.

Chappell Repolished Baby Grand Piano in a Grainfilled Satin Finish.

Chappell baby grand repolished in a rosewood satin cabinet.

Challen 6ft Grand Piano Refinished in High Gloss Mirror Finish.

Challen 6ft grand piano repolished in a Black high gloss cabinet.


Resources For all enquiries contact Paul on: pianoized@gmail.com  
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