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Piano Resource Websites

Paregal Pianos
Purchase a Piano uprights, grands, acoustic & digitals wakefield, leeds, west yorkshire

Piano Moving & Storage wakefield, leeds, west yorkshire

Piano hire short or long term, upright's, grand's & digital's, west yorkshire

Steinbach Pianos
Information on modern Upright & Grand Steinbach pianos

Steinmayer Pianos
Information on modern Upright & Grand Steinmayer pianos

Pianos Sales, Rentals and Hire Purchase

Piano Restoration & Reconditioning wakefield, leeds, west yorkshire Piano information website
Information on Piano Maintenance, Shops, Restorers, Repolishers, Music Suppliers, Movers, Tuners & Piano Teachers.

Piano Tuners & Technicians

The Association of Blind Piano Tuners UK Piano Page
A Wealth of Information on Piano Tuning, Piano History, Makers, Movers, and Piano Teachers in the UK.
South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners. All about the South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners.

Dian van Zyl Piano Tuners
I am a qualified piano tuner based in Pretoria, South Africa.
Piano technique, pianists, midis, solo.
Piano resource.

Piano Lessons for Beginners
These beginner piano lessons are perfect for those who are just starting to learn to play piano.

Piano Play - Free piano lessons for free spirits!.
A wonderful website for those who wish to learn to play piano in a practical way!
On this website you will find real digital piano reviews along with other information that will help you make the choice in purchasing
the best piano keyboard that suits your lifestyle.
Piano/Keyboard accessories.
Quality piano stools by woodhouse. Visit Site
Information about digital pianos and keyboards including reviews, guides and tips to help people choose the best instrument for their needs.
Just Piano Stools for the widest choice of quality piano stools.



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Piano Related Websites