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Piano Polishing, Restoration & Reconditioning Portfolio


Below you will find examples of Upright & Grand Pianos that we have Re-polished or Restored for Piano Dealers, Theatres, Schools and Private customers.

Contact Paul for a qoute on: 07557 309 157 or Email me on:
Click on one of the images below for a closer look.

Chappell Baby Grand Piano.

Chappell Baby Grand Piano.

Rosewood Satin Standard Polishing

Bluthner Grand Piano.

Bluthner Grand piano.

Black Satin Standard Polishing

Challen 6ft Grand Piano.

Challen 6ft Grand restoration.

Black High Gloss Polishing

Yamaha U1 Piano.

Repolished Yamaha U1 upright piano.

White Satin Standard Polishing

Collard & Collard Grand Piano.

English Collard & Collard 5ft Grand piano repolished in a Rosewood gloss finish.

Rosewood Gloss Standard Polishing

Rogers Traditional Upright Piano.

rogers pianos

Mahogany Satin Standard Polishing

Steinway 9ft Grand Piano.

Steinway Model D grand piano polishing Black Satin.

Black Satin Standard Polishing

John Broadwood Grand Piano.

John Broadwood Barless Grand Piano repolished in a Rosewood 90% Gloss finish.

Rosewood Gloss Standard Polishing

Danemann 9ft Grand Piano.


Black Satin Standard Polishing

Gebauhr Grand Piano.


Walnut High Gloss Polishing

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano.

Yamaha GB1 baby grand piano Black to Red high gloss.

Red High Gloss Polishing

Repolished Mahogany Pianos.

Repolished Mahogany Upright & Grand Pianos

Mahogany Upright & Grand Pianos

Bechstein Model B Grand Piano.

Reconditioned Bechstein Model B Piano.

Rosewood Satin Standard Polishing

Yamaha U1 Gloss Piano.

Repolished Yamaha U1 upright piano in a White High gloss finish.

White Satin High Gloss Polishing

Chappell Upright Piano.

Chappell reconditioned & repolished upright piano.

Mahogany Satin Standard Polishing

Emil Pauer Grand Piano.

German Grand

White Satin Standard Polishing

Cramer Baby Grand Piano.

Cramer baby grand piano polished in a Mahogany satin finish.

Mahogany Satin Standard Polishing

Challen Pianos.

Challen uprights and Grands repolished and restored.

Uprights & Grands Polishing

August Forster Pianos.

August Forster uprights and Grands repolished and restored.

Upright & Grand Piano Polishing

Baby Grand Pianos.

Baby grand pianos repolished in various colours and sheens.

Baby Grand Piano Polishing

Rogers Baby Grand Piano.

Rogers baby grand before being restored

White Satin Standard Polishing

Rogers 5ft Grand Piano.

Rogers grand

Mahogany Satin Standard Polishing


  For all enquiries contact Paul on: 07557 309 157  
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