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Piano Modern Vinyl Wrapping
Piano Refinishing by using a Vinyl Wrap coating.

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Piano Wrapping


The photo's below are showing a Automotive Vinyl Wrapped Piano finish, unlike a modern sprayed finish this can be applied and removed easily at a later date,
This means you can change the colour of your piano without damaging the original polish underneath to suit your rooms decor.
You can have this applied in Various colours and finishes including Matt, Satin or Gloss sheens.


Yamaha Digital piano wrapped in white gloss.

Yamaha digital piano wrapped in white gloss.

Kemble Minx small modern piano in a white wrapped Finish.

Kemble Minx small modern piano in a White gloss wrapped finish.

Visit our Portfolio page for more images on Wrapped Pianos here: Polishing & Wrapping Portfolio

This Wrapping process is applied using sheets of Automotive premium quality vinyl wrap, the nature of this process does mean that certain parts have to be overlapped or joined, these overlaps or joints are placed where they are least visible. The majority of the pianos wrapped look nearly as good as a re-polished piano, with the added benefit of being able to change the colour of your piano at a reduced cost compared to re-polishing the piano. This also enables you to remove the Wrap back to the original finish or change the colour again & again at later dates without damaging the finish underneath.

Prices for full colour changes for upright and Grand Pianos are Below:

Acoustic & Digital Upright Piano Wrapping from: £N/A

Digitals, Baby Grands & Larger Grand Pianos Wrapped from: £N/A

Pianos must be clean and free of any damage, if there is any damage this can be repaired at extra cost.

Contact Paul for a qoute Email me on:

**Suitable for short term colour changes**

For Collection and Delivery see our Piano Removals page here: Piano Removals

*All prices are plus VAT*


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Piano Vinyl Wrapping
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Piano Wrapping