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Yamaha U1 White High Gloss Piano.

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Yamaha Upright Pianos Repolished.


Scroll down for Photos of this piano before and after repolishing in AC high gloss.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano Re-polished in a Mirror White High Gloss finish.

We can supply these Yamaha uprights to order, they are originally Black then we repolish them
with a modern AC White Lacquer, they take approx 8 weeks from time of order to completion.
Please note that the brass inlaid Yamaha name is replaced with a transfer applied on top of the polish.

Contact us for details.

White gloss yamaha piano

White High Gloss Mirror Finish

Note: All Names where needed are replaced with Vinyl Transfers and lacquered over except on AC Full Gloss finishes that are White or other light
colours, these can’t be sprayed over without yellowing due to the colour of clear AC Lacquer so these will be applied on top of the finished surface.


Below are some more images showing the White High Gloss Finish & Sheen level.

Before and after being repolished in a AC high gloss white finish.

Yamaha U1 piano before being repolished white gloss.

Keyboard & Yamaha (Transfer) Name and the left Corner view of the Yamaha U1.

Yamaha upright White Gloss finish and NameCornerview

The cheek, keyboard end block along with the side view of the piano.

Keyboard end viewWhite Yamaha Piano in a High Gloss Finish

Right side of keyboard from above and the lid of the Yamaha piano showing the sheen level.

Keyboard from above viewWhite High Gloss Sheen

Below is a Image of the Yamaha U1 Piano showing the High Gloss Reflective Sheen level on the Lid and frontboard.

White High Gloss Mirror Finish Sheen

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Repolished Yamaha U1 Piano
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Yamaha U1 Gloss White Piano