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Yamaha U1 White Satin Upright Piano.

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Yamaha upright repolishing


These White Satin Yamaha's cost £750.00 to re-polish.
Due to these Pianos having plastic parts we have to cover these in a special primer prior
to Polishing them White Satin, making these cost more than a usual standard Satin finish.

Scroll down for Photos of this piano before and after repolishing.

Yamaha U1 White Satin Upright Piano

Yamaha white satin piano

Yamaha U1 Piano with its Matching White Satin Adjustable stool.

White yamaha u1 with matching adjustable stool

Sideview of Re-polished White Yamaha U1 piano.

White satin

Before being repolished White Satin.

Yamaha U1 piano before being repolished white gloss.

Some more Photo's of the Yamaha U1 Re-polished in a White Satin Finish.

White Paregal Piano White Yamaha U1

Sideview showing the White Satin Sheen.

Yamaha white satin finishWhite satin finish

Yamaha Keyboard & Name (Transfer) with new Keyfronts, Felts and Brasswork cleaned then buffed.

Yamaha KeyboardYamaha New Keyfronts

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Yamaha white pianos
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Yamaha U1 repolished white Satin